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Don Metz maintains a small, selective practice in Lyme, NH, concentrating on challenging residential projects

Don Metz's new book
"Confessions of a Country Architect"

is now available


Don Metz's Confessions describes the life of a residential country architect with wry humor and pathos. This book will delight all those who have built a house, forearm those summoning up the courage to do so, and calm those who realize their talents might be better confined to an armchair with a view. Readers will be seduced by the author's adventures as he confronts the awkward, intractable, and hilariously messy job of building dreams.

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New Architecture in New Haven

“The first edition of New Architecture in New Haven was published in 1966 at the peak of the city’s renewal, redevelopment, and building programs. The late sixties marked the end of a decade of unprecedented architectural activity fostered by energetic political leadership and an enlightened University policy. Vast amounts of federal and state funds made possible the new New Haven. Yale University’s building program, led by its new residential colleges and an expanded science campus, produced a record number of new buildings and a master plan for future expansion.

“This revised edition of New Architecture in New Haven brings the record up to date and reflects, in its selection of projects, the change in the nature of architecture as it responds to the social and economic demands of the early 1970’s... Innovative solutions in housing and structural systems have taken priority over the elaborate special eloquence of the recent past. Included in this edition is a representative selection of New Haven architecture of the past fifteen years.”

The MIT Press


"New Architecture in New Haven" is essentially a collection of excellent photographs with captions which manage to include description and evaluations and yet be brief."

––The Christian Science Monitor