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Don Metz maintains a small, selective practice in Lyme, NH, concentrating on challenging residential projects

Don Metz's new book
"Confessions of a Country Architect"
is now available.

Advance praise for Confessions of a Country Architect: “From hilarious to poignant and back again, Don Metz guides the reader through a lifetime of intriguing experiences and characters, reinforcing our belief that residential architecture is often more about being a psychiatrist than interior designing and Bookbuilding. This book is a great mix of Reality TV and musings on the philosophical underpinnings of both the structure of buildings and the fabric human existence.”
Peter Kurt Woerner, FAIA
“This retrospect on forty years of house design shows as much care in its narration as its author has applied to his superb architecture. Don Metz’s latest book is remarkable for its compassion, enthusiasm, joy, pathos, appreciation of character, and, crucially, humor. Confessions of a Country Architect is a home, at once quiet and magisterial, for the reader’s spirit.” Sydney Lea, author of Hunting the Whole Way Home and A Little Wildness.
“Anyone who has built or renovated a house — or who thinking about doing it — should read this book. Don Metz puts you in the middle of things, honestly and directly. We know the scent of the land, the feel of the construction site, and we experience the variety of emotions that appear when people set about changing raw materials into livable dreams.”
Brent Brolin, author of The Failure of Modern Architecture and The Designer’s Eye.

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Don Metz

Award-winning architect and pioneer of sustainable architectural design, Don Metz has had his work appear in dozens of publications, including The New York Times.
Other books include,
Architecture in New Haven, Superhouse, The Compact House Book, and two novels, King of the Mountain and Catamount Bridge.

He lives in Lyme, New Hampshire.

Listen to Don's interview with Neal Charnoff on Vermont Public Radio, 10/10/07.